Sunday, December 6, 2009

Imitation is the SINcerest of Flattery?. . .

. . Or I hope Hunter thinks so.
Hunter, is the maker of the most popular welly out there. Although they've been around for years, lately, wellies are all the rage. My first pair of wellies I got for $50 at Marshall's five years ago. They were COACH and I thought they were A-mazing. Not so much. They had zero insullation and would easily pull off when in the mud. I still have them somewhere in a box in my garage, I'm sure.
I needed something that I knew would stand up to the test, and not just look cute. I found HUNTER.
IMG_1050They're tough and taper a little at the top to form a kind of suction.

While at Target a while back, I noticed the over abundance of wellies. Stripes, prints, plaids, and solids. They had 'em all. Strangely enough, I knew I had seen these before. Imitation or coincidence? You decide:

Hunter Lady N- $140

Target Flannel Boot- $32.99

Hunter- $79.99

Target- $24.99

Hunter lace-ups- $125

Target lace-ups- $29.99

Although they failed to make me a copy of these:

JIMMY CHOO meets Hunter!
Love them. Who can justify spending almost $400 on rubber boots?
Perhaps if JIMMY is in the mix.
Just like anything else in fashion and design, great products have 'lots of fans. Yet, these things are beyond reach becasue of their prices.
I'm guilty. I currently have this mirror hanging on my wall from Pottery Barn (on sale $149) that looks wildly like this $1600 Captain's Mirror from BDDW.

              PB                   BDDW

Is it imation, copying, coincidence, or getting a good deal??
Inquiring minds want to know.
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