Sunday, December 6, 2009

Imitation is the SINcerest of Flattery?. . .

. . Or I hope Hunter thinks so.
Hunter, is the maker of the most popular welly out there. Although they've been around for years, lately, wellies are all the rage. My first pair of wellies I got for $50 at Marshall's five years ago. They were COACH and I thought they were A-mazing. Not so much. They had zero insullation and would easily pull off when in the mud. I still have them somewhere in a box in my garage, I'm sure.
I needed something that I knew would stand up to the test, and not just look cute. I found HUNTER.
IMG_1050They're tough and taper a little at the top to form a kind of suction.

While at Target a while back, I noticed the over abundance of wellies. Stripes, prints, plaids, and solids. They had 'em all. Strangely enough, I knew I had seen these before. Imitation or coincidence? You decide:

Hunter Lady N- $140

Target Flannel Boot- $32.99

Hunter- $79.99

Target- $24.99

Hunter lace-ups- $125

Target lace-ups- $29.99

Although they failed to make me a copy of these:

JIMMY CHOO meets Hunter!
Love them. Who can justify spending almost $400 on rubber boots?
Perhaps if JIMMY is in the mix.
Just like anything else in fashion and design, great products have 'lots of fans. Yet, these things are beyond reach becasue of their prices.
I'm guilty. I currently have this mirror hanging on my wall from Pottery Barn (on sale $149) that looks wildly like this $1600 Captain's Mirror from BDDW.

              PB                   BDDW

Is it imation, copying, coincidence, or getting a good deal??
Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Hey, remember that scene in Devil Wears Prada where Meryl tells the Princess that her cerulean blue shirt she probably got from some discount store was the result of trickled down fashion from some runway designer's line? I don't think all discount store fashion comes from way up high, I bet some WalMart and Target brand designers come up with/get away with a few original designs, maybe...?

    As far as the boots go, no sin there, I don’t know…the sin could be that discount stores rob their designers of artistic freedom. But I guess, we—I—do expect Target to point me in some kind of higher fashion direction…being tucked away in my suburban hole, I have no idea what’s nice and new, nor how to get my hands on it, so it is kind of their job. Target has recruited some big designers (though I wonder if the designer even touches any of the clothes/designs their name ends up on) like Anna Sui, along with all the budding artists that design for Target’s GO Int’l series …sounds like Target’s team has connections, but I don’t think much of the clothing ever resembles what the big designers are known for.

    When I look at the boots, I really like the (hunter?) green that Hunter uses in the flannel. For the florals, I like Hunter’s vintage-y roses more, Target’s roses look tattoo-ish. I kind of like Target’s take on the black ones. Those black croc skin ones are way nice—it’s not real croc skin though, right?

    Your mirror…I hope you’re not going to look at yourself differently each time you use it. But that isn’t a coincidence. I like BDDW’s petal rug.

  2. Nance I too have been impressed whith Target's recruitment of designers. Mr. Isaac Mizrahi launched it all. Did you get your hands on any of the Orla Kiely (popular Anthro designer) goods they had last Spring?
    Michelle Obama wore a Tracy Feith dress to an inaugaration event ...Target had some TF dresses soon after and they went flying. I saw some and they were beautiful! Too short for me, but they did look higher end. Same with Thakoon.
    I'll have to say one top designer to everyday that I have NOT been impressed with is Simply Vera by Vera Wang at KOHL'S. I have two of the first pieces that came out: a black coat w/belt and some gray leather pumps. They are still in great shape. I have not seen anything comprable since. And her stuff looks like, well, you bought it at Kohl's (nothing against Kohl's, just that when you think Vera Wang you'd expect better quality)
    Anywho. Having fun with this blog!

  3. P.S. no, the Jimmy Choo Hunters are not real croc, but they're still awesome. I want some.......

  4. Yes, I saw Orla placemats and stuff being sewn into bags on sewing blogs, then when I'd go into a Target, they'd have a couple napkins on clearance, and that's it. I must have missed it. She has nice stuff. I am still sad about Simply Shabby Chic going under. I think the sheets will be worth hundreds in 20 years (unopened of course). I still imagine myself living in a shabby shic cottage alone and of course I'm not old or lonely.

  5. nice post! design lovers, get inspired!

  6. Hey, I received the Liberty for Target rainboots size 10 for my b-day a couple months ago. Sadly, I didn't like the way they fit and took them back. Then, 2 weeks ago, I saw them on clearance for $7 instead of the $30, the first time I didn't go for it...they just dragged when I walked, maybe I'm not used to the rainboot fit, but I felt like a horse with clompers on.


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