Saturday, November 28, 2009

Magpie Lovely

Anybody heard of Magpie Lovely?  Stephmodo, one of my favorite blogs, is doing a $75 giveaway by Tues., Dec. 2nd.  I entered.  If I won, I would get these by Bijoudally:

Relic Thick Hoops

one of these bracelets:

Dizzy Bracelet

I like the girls dresses (talk about inventory) Magpie has.  The Lila Dress by Mette reminds me a lot of this Katie Did's girls dress, one I've been wanting to make:
Lila Dress by Mette


  1. love the big decorative cuffs. and the flower bunched necklaces (made of fancy thread?). Over the weekend I've been searching the web for a crochet flower bunched necklace pattern... the search continues!

  2. Gen, try this site: you have to click on each link to see if it's what you're looking for, but they may have it.

  3. Thanks Nancey, I found a really cute bracelet pattern on that website, I'm excited to try it out :D

  4. nancey, i love stephmodo too. i would love to stay in her little cottage one day


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