Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter florals

I know... I know... the usual fashion for Spring/Summer is bright colors, florals and highlights (for the hairstyle) and Winter is dark colors, leather boots and more dark colors... blah.

I use to keep myself updated on fashion by looking at Vogue.com and Instyle.com but it's too much work and too many designers to keep up with... now a days those things can't consume all my time. Instead I look to my favorite fashion celebrities for inspiration. The key is to stay true to your own personal style and it's always nice to allow your style to be inspired by the continually evolving fashion industry.

Nicole Richie is my FAVORITE fashion celebrity. I love how she's kind of hippie, unique and still chic. Hippie and chic? Great combination. I've been getting into florals lately and that's all I want to add to my wardrobe (if you'd even call it that). Instead of the usual fall dress, I've opted for long flowy floral dresses with a tailored leather (in my case, faux leather) jacket, like so:
Since I'm a cheapo, I pretty much only shop or "wishfully shop," online at stores that are within the budget, like www.forever21.com. I found these florals that I thought would be appropriate for winter and not so much an eyesore with it's brightness.

With the short dresses you'd have to wear black opaque tights... please! Opaque tights are a must because 1. it's winter and 2. it looks better. I know I shouldn't but I get kind of irked when I see bare legs, in public, during winter. Irked.

The real key is finding the perfect black leather (and tailored) jacket to wear with these dresses. I got mine at Target three years ago and couldn't find any cute ones online to post.

Instead of boots (which I'm still a fan of) I wear simple black heels. One day when I get the courage to invest in some timeless ultra cool boots, it would probably be a tan brown and definitely flats (so I could wear with jeans).

Just something to share.


  1. Is that rasberry dress from Forever21? I've been meaning to go by there for forever (hahaha)--really. Where would you look for your brown boots?

  2. that dress is from forever 21 and it comes in another color too.

    as for the boots... I don't really know. I've been browsing Amazon.com and uggaustralia.com

    I really like the uggaustralia brand because it's quality that will last me forever (i take really good care of my stuff, it's kind of sad) and it's the most comfortable brand i know... if they come out with something i absolutely love, i would probably buy it... even at full price!

  3. I dragged the kids to FXXI or however you spell it today...the one in SAndy at Southtowne Mall. Disappointed a bit, I was imagining this warehouse feel of racks and racks of their leftovers for $2, but it was all nice and spaced out, and nothing looked like it would fit, at least not as I was pushing the stroller past it all. They do have a little teeny tiny maternity section there on the 2nd floor, greys and peaches and whites and blacks. It was the only stuff I liked. Am I turning into an old lady? I'm going to go to FIDM Store in L.A. next week--it's a scholarship store (FAshion INst. for Design and Merchandising) that chain stores donate leftovers to and they sell holey and stained and torn clothes for $1. And fabric too. I'll tell you how it goes. One girl said she found something with blood on it. Yeeeah! Can't wait.


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