Friday, February 19, 2010

Clippings: Bedding

As long as I'm retro-posting, here are some clippings I've collected over the past 2 years from catalogs and magazines. 

From Garnet Hill.  The faded china look the fabrics on this patchwork comforter have are what draw me to it.  I love the grays and yellows and blue hues.  This motif is probably "so 2 years ago," but I'd still buy it.  That's what shopping at WalMart and Target most of your life will do to you!  I also like that it's an actual comforter and not a duvet cover, giving it some weight and heaviness so that it'll lie flat.  Duvet covers seem to make a fluffiness that I don't think matches these fabrics.  I also like that it's not overly quilted, sandwiching the whole thing down and making it paper thin, defeating the whole purpose of a hefty comforter, which I'd hope this was.  Can you tell I've looked at this photo a thousand times in the past 2 years?
I'd like to try and make this cool pillow. Ballard Designs (I think).

I like the edging on the beige pillow.  The fabric looks like a twill.

Bad photo, but I think this is matelass√© fabric.  I also like the white flowers on the brown pillow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the black blazer

I love how one can play down a super fancy dress or blouse with a simple black blazer and yet keep their look fresh, simple and trendy. A trend I could definitely wear everyday and feel beautiful and not silly/overdressed. Back in 2006, at the London "Iron Man" premier, Gwyneth Paltrow wore this:and I thought it was brilliant. Yet I never had the guts to buy and wear the trend myself... until recently. I purchased a simple black cotton blazer from Walmart (Miley Cyrus clothing line) for $20. has many blazer styles and colors to choose from, prices ranging from $20 to $35.

I love this trend. I'll probably wear it even when it's not trendy. I think it's my way of feeling girly and not overdone.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stylin' Guides & Guides to Style

For a few years I have been a fan of Kate Spade's style guides.
The three available are Manners, Occasions, and Style. I went to my desk to shoot the ones I own. I LOVE THEM! The advice is so classic and whimsical.
I'm missing Occasions. My birthday is in a few weeks. Don't you think I need to complete my collection?

Leave it to Louis Vuitton to make the most beautifully designed guides to hot and styling cities from around the world. They make me want a guide to Tokyo even though I'm not going there any time soon.
I think I need a set.

Just Poking My Head In

realize it's been months since one of us has posted...a new year has begun...we're all a little fatter from the winter...or I'm the only one, but I have re-begun jogging after 5 years!  Anyway, here's some randomness I meant to share in 2009, and never did...just can't let it go:

Dwell Studio Children's Clothing for Target
Target has some great girls clothing, esp. dresses and girls coats.  I like their Genuine For Kids by OshKosh girls dresses, Cherokee girls dresses, and most of the Dwell Studio clothing.  (Target Online's selection doesn't have half of what the stores carry, so I didn't bother posting any photos/links.)  I usually pull out my camera phone and take photos of some of the girls dresses detailing I like.  I bought each of the above for $1.74.  I love the little piping details and that they used gray for a newborn baby girl...I don't think Utahns like Dwell Studio style, as it's usually on clearance...that leaves more for me! 

Anthropologie December 2009
This catalog arriving got me all excited for winter and snow and totally extinguished my grinchy tendencies:

I don't know whether I like Anthro's clothes or photography locations more.
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