Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the black blazer

I love how one can play down a super fancy dress or blouse with a simple black blazer and yet keep their look fresh, simple and trendy. A trend I could definitely wear everyday and feel beautiful and not silly/overdressed. Back in 2006, at the London "Iron Man" premier, Gwyneth Paltrow wore this:and I thought it was brilliant. Yet I never had the guts to buy and wear the trend myself... until recently. I purchased a simple black cotton blazer from Walmart (Miley Cyrus clothing line) for $20. has many blazer styles and colors to choose from, prices ranging from $20 to $35.

I love this trend. I'll probably wear it even when it's not trendy. I think it's my way of feeling girly and not overdone.


  1. Were you wearing that blazer the other day when you and Gabe came over together? I liked it, btw. I like the 3/4 sleeves like in these photos. Love it with the evening dress. I think I stray from blazers b/c my mind is stuck on the shoulder pad power woman 80s look, but if I found a slimmer cut, that would be cute, maybe in like a stretch poplin with cute button details. I think I saw some black blazers on sale at WalMart a couple of months ago that were the Norma Kamali's that looked decent.

  2. Yes... shoulder pads scare me too and a bulky blazer, no good. The blazer I got from Walmart is still there for $20, it's so casual, comfortable and cute :)

  3. mossimo has a realllly cute one at target for 29.99. i found a cute one at TJ maxx for 24.99 and it was a thicker jersey material in heather grey. i don't have a wal-mart nearby (can you even believe it???) so i haven't see their stuff lately


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