Friday, February 19, 2010

Clippings: Bedding

As long as I'm retro-posting, here are some clippings I've collected over the past 2 years from catalogs and magazines. 

From Garnet Hill.  The faded china look the fabrics on this patchwork comforter have are what draw me to it.  I love the grays and yellows and blue hues.  This motif is probably "so 2 years ago," but I'd still buy it.  That's what shopping at WalMart and Target most of your life will do to you!  I also like that it's an actual comforter and not a duvet cover, giving it some weight and heaviness so that it'll lie flat.  Duvet covers seem to make a fluffiness that I don't think matches these fabrics.  I also like that it's not overly quilted, sandwiching the whole thing down and making it paper thin, defeating the whole purpose of a hefty comforter, which I'd hope this was.  Can you tell I've looked at this photo a thousand times in the past 2 years?
I'd like to try and make this cool pillow. Ballard Designs (I think).

I like the edging on the beige pillow.  The fabric looks like a twill.

Bad photo, but I think this is matelass√© fabric.  I also like the white flowers on the brown pillow.

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  1. You know so much about blankets by simply studying the photo!

    I like this last photo with the reds, creamy white and brown. Simple colors but the special details on the red pillows and brown pillow and flat sheet edging makes it interesting and lovely. What catalog is that from?


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